Concert CDs, Carolling, Sign up for next term, Kaleid

1. Concert CDs are in!
You can pick them up at the music office (Grebel Rm 1103). Music office hours are generally 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. (If you’re going to carolling practice on Friday, let me know and I can have your CD available for pick up)

2. Carolling
We’re having another carolling practice session on Friday, Dec 11 at 7pm in the chapel. Carolling date Sat, Dec 12, 2pm?
We’re using 100 Carols for Choirs. If you’d like to buy a copy, apparently Music Plus doesn’t have them in stock but Opus II does. Call ahead to check 519-743-4362.

3. Sign up for next term!
The sign up form for next is available. Sign up now!

4. Kaleid Choral Festival
The Kaleid Choral Festival is happening in Kitchener on Wednesday March 2 and/or Thursday March 3. See
It will cost $30/person (+$5 if you want pizza for dinner).
Let me know if you’d be interested in participating. I’d like to sign up a group from the choir.



Choir Members:

Wow! Fantastic concert last night — packed house, great guest soloist, great in house soloists, cellist with cool hair, wonderful student conductors, some signature choreography, and absolutely the widest range of emotions through music in one concert I have ever seen. Seriously excellent singing. I think we stunned the audience.  LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE.

I am very, very proud of all of you. Here’s the quick view from my podium perspective. . for our eyes only:

  1. Stars — otherwise known as “The piece of many glasses”. . My daughter thought you were all going to drink during the song. A drinking song! Seriously haunting, so much so that I almost forgot to start the choir walking down the aisle. Beautiful.
  2. Snow Angel — OK, we didn’t do the readings. But wow, it was so good and for many in our audience, it was their favourite. Bravo Spencer! and Wow conducting debut for Evy.
  3. Lullaby — Natasha. . .wow! Such great singing. And we adapted and adjusted to her voice. We are turning into a great collaborative choir. That means, many cool collaborations coming our way in the coming months. Bravo to Jacob for adding the men’s parts.
  4. St. Ita’s Vision — Wow. Closed my eyes and just enjoyed this. Ian rocks.
  5. Hiroshima – Lacrymosa — Deeply moving. . . wonderfully sung. .  intense.
  6. Kyrie — stunning. Many audience deeply moved. Somewhat uncomfortable to be so moved.
  7. The walk out in silence. So different, but so effective dramatically.
  8. From Sorrow to Joy — great improvisation! Wow, our improvisations are sounding more unique and different from one another. Let’s keep on with this stuff. We are inventing new forms and having a blast.
  9. Sonnet 43 — What does this piece even mean? I have no idea. And it’s not really jazz and it’s not classical. No idea. Ok, it was fun.
  10. Mouth Music — GREAT! Let’s do an entire concert of this stuff. River dance! River dance! OK, we can’t dance well. So, just the tenors dance, just the tenors dance!
  11. Nelson Mandela — Another great improvisation. Wow. More please
  12. Kwela, Kwela — forever we will ask ourselves, “Do we follow Alan or sing the what we know comes next”. . seriously that was a crazy fun moment. We were all completely lost, but made it completely OK. The piece was worth it just for that. And crazy choreography! Don’t complain, remember Ballailaka? Bravo to Erin and Mohan for holding this thing together. I was completely lost.
  13. Shosholoza — The stunned audience was trying to sing and trying to clap. Let’s keep on our audiences to always participate with us — to sing, clap, dance, hum, anything. Is there a space where they can completely surround us instead of that annoying linnear arrangement of most churches. Our choir would be best “amongst’ the crowd rather than “in the judgment box” behind the proscenium.  Also, I guess they didn’t stand up because we sang and walked out! OK, I’ll get better at ending concerts. I just really wanted to get out of there while everyone loved us.

Bravo Bravo Bravo

To all of us — very proud of you.


Dr. Yun


Bravo on Choir Exams!


We haven’t been using this blog this term? Why? It’s an important form of community communication. Sorry we haven’t been in touch more closely.

Just wanted to say, CONGRATS on a great set of exams. We now know our music much better. Keep studying it and getting closer to the depth of this wonderful literature.

Bravo to you all.
Honoured to be your director

Thanks to our guest, Olga, from the conducting class!

Alan and Joan — ROCK ON! You guys run a great ship.