Music Information Fall 2016

Thanks to Alan for drawing this up! Below are rehearsal tracks for this term

Symphony of Psalms, Stravinsky

Sheet Music:

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Rehearsal Tracks:

Learn Choral Music:


Magnificat, J.S. Bach


Full Score and Recordings:

Rehearsal Track + Individual Part Sheet Music:

Choir Parts:

Sheet Music:

Rehearsal Tracks:


Learn Choral Music:



Benefit Concert for Attawapiskat


We have been asked to perform with a compelling and exciting lineup of performers in a Benefit Concert for Attawapaskat. The lineup of performers includes Susan Aglukark as headliner, Mino ‘Ode Kwewak N’gamowak, Inshallah, Rachel-lee Cousineau, John Somosi, Sing Fires of Justice Community Choirs, Elsa Ruck, Okama, Gerard Yun, Gerard and Peta Roberts, and a host of others.

This is an ideal opportunity to bring our choir community together for the greater good. Come sing with us and invite your families and friends to attend. This is sure to be a “once in a lifetime” sort of event. We want you all to be a part. Here are the details:

Monday, May 9th, 700-800pm, Rehearsal, Grebel Chapel

Tuesday, May 10th, call for all choirs 5pm, St. John’s Lutheran Church, 22 Willow St. Waterloo.

Concert is at 700pm.


Stars by Eriks Esenvalds (from Fall 2015). Please bring music if you have it. We will post a digital to print if you do not have it. Also, bring a resonant glass to play. 

Shosholoza (Traditional South African / Zimbabwean) arr. G. Yun. We have linked a digital copy at the bottom of this post; please print it out and bring it on Monday.

Cross Cultural Improvisation: We will also be participating in a huge, all performer (including the professional Indigenous performers) improvisation. Dr. Yun will be facilitating. Some of you will have done these kinds of things with him (We will have no idea until the last second).

ShosholozaSATB – Full Score