Great Rehearsals . . . time for amazing concert


A huge congrats to you all for some amazing rehearsals this term. The extra rehearsal called by Carrie last night was fantastic. Also, a special thank you to Sue Allen for the wonderful comments and the cake Tuesday night. We are set up for a very powerful concert. Here is the outline for tomorrow’s dress rehearsal and concert call times:

200pm — Uberlebensgross INSTRUMENTS only — Choir arrives quietly
210pm — Uberlebensgross Choir and Instruments (Ave Maria TTBB to other room)
220pm — Ave Verum Corpus
230pm — Run Program (Musically)
330pm — BREAK
340pm — Run program for entries and exits, intermission (starting each piece)
430pm — Last minute adjustments, assessments, course evaluations, etc.
500pm — Dinner Break

700pm — General Call, Sanctuary (protracted run of program)
730pm — HOUSE OPENS — Choir to Church Hall
800pm — CONCERT “Beautiful”

Extra Practice! Tonight (July 24) 8-9:30pm @ Grebel Chapel

Be there!

It is quite apparent that, while we should really know all of the music the week of the concert, we don’t know all of our notes! Ian has generously offered to run an extra rehearsal tonight.

This would be a very focused rehearsal.  No work on “sound” or “feel” just getting the notes for various pieces of various sections that we clearly did NOT know last night.  (…Middle of autumn leaves…etc.)  Lots of focus on slow chord progressions to make sure all parts know where they fit.

*Thanks to Carrie and Ian for organizing this!

Sergei Rachmaninov – All-Night Vigil (Vespers)

About the All-Night Vigil


How to prepare for a choir exam


Here some tips for your preparations for next week’s exam:

1) SHOW UP! You will learn a great deal of the music simply by listening to each group. We always need volunteers to fill in the gaps in certain groups. So, many of you will get multiple chances at it. I take your highest score. Also, there is no practical or fair way to make up this exam. It really is a group effort to make it all work.

2) REPEATED LISTENINGS: 1) Listen and use your score, trying to see and hear your own part within the greater mix. If you are not good at this or cannot isolate your own part effectively please see your section leader for assistance.2) Carry the recordings around with you and just keep listening, always being mindful to hearing your part within the mix. Please sing along karaoke style.

** Ask your section leaders about recordings!

3) EXTRA REHEARSAL WITH OTHERS: 1) Get some choir members together for 30 min and sing all the sections on the exam. See where you are really weak and prioritize those spots.

4) HEAR IT ALL DAY LONG. . . Most of these songs are sort of ear worms. So, it’s possible to just sing them all day. Pick a section and sing it over and over, but be mindful that you are singing the right part. Check your score if you’re not sure.

5) ENJOY YOURSELF: Studies show that you learn music more effectively if you are in a happy state of mind. Keep happy, sing to relieve stress, sing happy, beautiful choir songs.

Rehearsal, Memorization, The Exam

Hey Choristers!

OK, it’s official “Epitaph for Moonlight” is out of the concert. We just are out of time for it. I’ll figure out how to buy it back from each of you.

Rehearsals are now geared to memorization, internalizing nuances, and getting our ears and voices very familiar with the music.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

700-715pm Quick Warmup and Start every piece from memory
715-830pm Uberlebensgross for Sop and Alto; Ave Maria for Tenors and Basses
840-915pm Memorization work — Thula, Thula; Ilus Maa; Varnatt
915pm Brief Sectionals or continued group work — Autumn Leaves, Water Night, Sure

Water Night
Autumn Leaves
Ilus Maa
Sure on This Shining Night
Thula, Thula
Baba Yetu
Ave Verum


Exam notes:
Exam content has already been sent out to you via email. We will work hard to review all the pieces prior to the exam. There will also be a brief sectional for the Sop/Alto and Tenor/Bass pieces.

The exam will be held in your pods, all parts (as close as possible) present in each test group.
We will begin the exam at 900pm, Tuesday, July 15.

This is the week to really study.

Please let us know tonight if you need recordings! It helps to listen repeatedly.

Concert program, CDs and tickets

Concert Program:

Fill out this form by Monday July 14 at 10PM EST. Otherwise you will not appear in the program.

Concert CDs:

We get the end of term concert professionally recorded.

Concert CDs are $10, cash only. CDs must be purchased before the concert. Speak to Laura Winger (Alto 1) if you’d like to get one.

Concert Tickets:

Concert tickets will be available for purchase or sign out beginning July 15th. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors and free for children 12 and under. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Concert Posters:

On July 15th we’ll also have some concert posters you can pick up and post in the community.

July 15/22 Exam Material

How the choir exam works:

  • The exam happens during normal rehearsal time with everyone present.
  • The exam is taken in groups with one pod from each section and you sing excerpts from certain pieces. It’s a pretty friendly check to see if you know words and parts.
  • The exam is for all choir members (whether or not you are taking choir for credit)

Exam material:

  • Ave Verum: All, memorized
  • Water Night: Bars 1 to 15, 53 to end
  • Autumn Leaves: Bars 1 to 39
  • Vårnatt: Rehearsal 9 to end
  • Ilus Maa: Rehearsal 10 to bottom of page 68, Rehearsal 16 to Rehearsal 18
  • Baba Yetu: Bars 7-18, 51-58
  • Thula Thula: All, focus on words


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