Love of Music Marathon 2014

Joan is part of the organizing committee for the Love of Music Marathon 2014.

The Music Marathon is a low stress performance opportunity for musicians of all ages instruments, backgrounds and skill levels.

We get a whole range of performances: five-year-olds playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, video game music, Broadway tunes, folk music, improv. (Add shakuhachi, fiddle or erhu anyone?)

Registration deadline Oct 29th!

Event on Saturday, November 15th at First United Church. Free admission, donations support the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.

Check out or email to find out more!


(PS: Choir members, if you’d like share something on this website about an musical event send an email to


Rehearsal Notes for October 28

Memorization exams are coming up quickly. If you are singing in the choir, you must take the exam – no exceptions.

The following pieces are expected to be prepared and memorized for the exam.

Ave Maria – Busto
The Snow – Elgar
Go Where I Send Thee – Caldwell
O Magnum Mysterium – Lauridsen
From the Gloria:
Laudamus Te

Students will sign up in small groups each consisting of S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, B2 (essentially, these are mini-choirs). Groups will be called up in the middle of the Chapel and will be asked to perform selected passages (or the entirety) of a set of assigned pieces while Gerard walks around listening to you. You will individually be given a score out of 10 based on how well you have memorized the pieces. If your group is not being called up, you will likely be sitting in the Chapel listening in. You may sing the passages multiple times with different groups.

If anything, the exams themselves are an excellent chance for you to hear and sing the pieces over and over again to internalize them. I highly recommend you sing the exam multiple times, because when else will you get to sing the pieces with all the other parts repeatedly?

Tickets and CD sales available tomorrow before and after rehearsal and at break. See you all tomorrow!

Carmina Concert Grand Phil Fri and Saturday!

Hey Choristers!

The Grand Philharmonic Choir is doing Carmina this week! Friday and Saturday. Might be fun to hear a super gigantic choir do the work (they probably won’t be better than us. .. uh. . .so. . .). Maybe let’s get a group together and go. Could be seriously fun.

Section leaders and managers, Yes?



Bravo Sing Fires Festival Choir! Share your comments!

On Saturday and Sunday we did just a little bit to help change our world, bond disparate communities, and create a space for mutual understanding. Sing Fires of Justice for Hope was an amazing experience — far more moving than I had anticipated. A special thank you for all those who participated from our UW Choir and UW Community. I am always amazed at the magic that can happen in live performance and without fail something absolutely unique and magical happens at Sing Fires. A special congrats to the brave souls who played instruments for the improvisation and those who braved singing into the empty spaces at the edges of range. There is a great richness to explore in our cross-cultural improvisations. I am thrilled for your participation ( I am not kidding.  .  it’s like you’re in a special club now  . . . how many choristers get to improvise with First Nation drummers and Islamic folk singers? That’s right. . a very few. Let’s share what we can on Tuesday night with our choir. And perhaps next year, the tenth anniversary of Sing Fires of Justice will have us all present. Please share your comments about the evening with others in the choir.

Bravo to you all!


UW University Choir and Sing Fires of Justice


This coming weekend is Sing Fires of Justice where we gather with members of other university, church, and community choirs to engage in a weekend of social justice through song. This is the 9th year of this event and each year the choirs from Conrad Grebel University College have played a role. This year the university is represented by our choir members and I am counting on as many of us as possible to inspire the community singers (yes, they love being with all of you. . .yes, they go on and on about it).


Sing Fires is in two parts:

Saturday, Oct. 4 — 930 am – 1200noon (I will confirm) Choral Workshop / Rehearsal (coffee provided)

Sunday, Oct. 5 — 4pm Run though (rehearsal), 700pm concert/performance (dinner is provided).

We will be putting together a massive choral improvisation using a Tamil Song interlaced with readings, songs, meditations. It’s quite a project. I have a feeling there is no way to make it work without our choir’s particular skills.

We’ll need to confirm each singer’s participation so adequate food can be provided.

We will talk more at rehearsal. See you all soon!


Fall 2014 Learning Resources

This post is the “Music Help” link in the menu. It will be updated throughout the term.

Poulenc Gloria

Here are some MIDIs from a couple different sources.

And here are some YouTube versions members in the choir have found helpful.

Playlist by tholley8215

Penn State School of Music

Thank you Savannah, Line, and Jenny

O Magnum Mysterium – Laurisden

Video of score

Individual parts – scroll down until you see your part!

Ave Maria – Busto

YouTube clips with individual parts

YouTube Playlist with all recordings

Thanks to Jinny for creating this YouTube playlist with all the pieces on it! Note: there is a focus on the alto part.

Thursday, Singing Priest of India

Curious and Keen (read those who will probably get really high marks) choristers.

Father Paul Poovathingal, the Singing Priest of India, visits our lovely city tomorrow — Thursday, sept. 25. There should be seating room at each if the three sessions for visitors.

Who: Father Paul Poovathingal and his ensemble

What: Peformance-demonstrations in Carnatic music of India, culture, and spirituality

Where: Waterloo Lutheran Seminary in the WLU Campus at the intersection of Albert and Seagrams drive. 75 University Avenue W, Waterloo, ON

When: Thursday, September 25, 2014, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:00pm

Cost: free of charge to curious, keen students who love to learn

Why should you go?
Because your instructor will note your presence.
Because It may contribute positively towards your choir mark.
Because you are inherently curious, a fine student, and love learning about interesting musics across the globe.
Did I mention it may contribute positively towards your choir mark?


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