Preliminary Choir List, Sept. 14, 2014

UW Choir Prelim List Sept. ’14

UW Choir:

Congratulations and thank you to you all for auditioning! Attached, please find the preliminary choir list. No doubt there will be a few section changes. We will also publish this on FB and by email. Remember, on Tuesday night, please bring $35 (cash, check, debit, or credit card) in order to purchase the music packet for the term. I look forward to making music with you all!

Gerard Yun

Auditions proceeding well!

The first round of auditions went very well last night (Tuesday). I have more singers to hear on Friday. Alan X came by with a great choir gift:

Remember all that talk about horses for Whitacre’s “Water Night?” And all those scary stories about the Jamaican three-legged horse? Alan brought by the dollar store version. Looking forward to hearing the rest of you. Remember, Tuesday night. $30 for music!


Spring 2014 CDs are in!

Concert CDs are in and can be picked up at the Music Office!

Also, sign up to join choir in Fall 2014! Participant form, Interview sign up, Info sheet coming soon!

Concert Date: Saturday November 29, 8pm performance: University of Waterloo Choirs in Concert: UW Chamber Choir, UW University Choir & UW Chapel Choir @ St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Kitchener.

For those who know Emily and Gord Burnett

Last Wednesday night Stephanie Burnett, daughter of Gord and Valerie, and sister to Emily, passed away in her sleep. Gord was director of the UW Choir for more than a decade and Emily joined us while she was still a student at Cameron Heights Collegiate where she was a student conductor  along with Alan X. Many of you know them and have spent time with them. They can certainly use your thoughts, prayers; and support during this difficult time. There is a funeral service for Stephanie at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 5, at St. Michael’s Church (where we performed Carmina Burana) on University Avenue across from WLU. I’m sure Gord, Valerie, and Emily will be most grateful for your attendance, thoughts, and prayers. Hope to see some of you there.


Here is link to an obituary and more information:

Repertoire Suggestions!

Comment here with your suggestions for future repertoire!

Tentative plans for upcoming terms:

Fall 2014 – Gloria by Francois Poulenc + weird Christmas stuff

Winter 2015 – Selections from opera and musicals

Spring 2015 – A journey through the history of a cappella

Great Rehearsals . . . time for amazing concert


A huge congrats to you all for some amazing rehearsals this term. The extra rehearsal called by Carrie last night was fantastic. Also, a special thank you to Sue Allen for the wonderful comments and the cake Tuesday night. We are set up for a very powerful concert. Here is the outline for tomorrow’s dress rehearsal and concert call times:

200pm — Uberlebensgross INSTRUMENTS only — Choir arrives quietly
210pm — Uberlebensgross Choir and Instruments (Ave Maria TTBB to other room)
220pm — Ave Verum Corpus
230pm — Run Program (Musically)
330pm — BREAK
340pm — Run program for entries and exits, intermission (starting each piece)
430pm — Last minute adjustments, assessments, course evaluations, etc.
500pm — Dinner Break

700pm — General Call, Sanctuary (protracted run of program)
730pm — HOUSE OPENS — Choir to Church Hall
800pm — CONCERT “Beautiful”

Extra Practice! Tonight (July 24) 8-9:30pm @ Grebel Chapel

Be there!

It is quite apparent that, while we should really know all of the music the week of the concert, we don’t know all of our notes! Ian has generously offered to run an extra rehearsal tonight.

This would be a very focused rehearsal.  No work on “sound” or “feel” just getting the notes for various pieces of various sections that we clearly did NOT know last night.  (…Middle of autumn leaves…etc.)  Lots of focus on slow chord progressions to make sure all parts know where they fit.

*Thanks to Carrie and Ian for organizing this!


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